RFID solutions for your semiconductor fab

RFID solutions for your semiconductor fab

Automatic identification on your production tools with RFID readers

ID Products and Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Whether RFID loadport reader, RFID WIP rack solutions or RFID components for transport systems – HERMOS RFID covers the complete spectrum for a semiconductor fab.

We supply machine manufacturers to equip their tools with RFID, but also chip manufacturers directly to retrofit (further information on Wikipedia) their existing fabs with RFID. No matter if 150mm, 200mm or 300mm fab, no matter if LF, HF or UHF technology, no matter if standard or customized, no matter if in Asia, the USA or Europe – HERMOS RFID is one of the leading brands in RFID solutions for the semiconductor industry worldwide.

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RFID products using the example of a semiconductor factory

Our RFID products meet the highest demands for reliability and security through high-quality RFID and sensor technology. We offer a selection of RFID readers and RFID antennas in different frequency ranges.

No. 1

HERMOS-LF and HF RFID handheld reader

  • Manual identification of cassettes, boxes and FOUPs by means of RFID handheld reader
  • USB interface
  • Integrated LEDs + acoustic feedback
  • LF 134.2 kHz or HF 13.56 MHz

No. 2

HERMOS LF and HF Single RFID Station

  • Identification of cassettes, boxes and FOUPs at manual single workstations
  • Automatic identification by integrated RFID reader
  • Visualization by integrated display
  • LF 134.2 kHz or HF 13.56 MHz

No. 3

HERMOS Operator RFID Reader

  • Automatic login of machine operators with RFID
  • USB interface
  • Suitable for safety applications
  • HF 13.56 MHz

No. 4


  • Manual transport solution for 200mm and 300mm wafers with integrated RFID identification
  • Integrated display
  • Communication with MES via radio
  • Power supply via rechargeable battery pack
RFID-Regal für Halbleiterfabriken (RFID shelf for semiconductor fabs)

No. 5

HERMOS LF and HF WIP Rack RFID Solutions

Storage space monitoring with RFID in mesh shelving:

  • Can be retrofitted in all common lattice racks
  • Automatic identification of cassettes, boxes and FOUPs (also SMIF) per storage location
  • Optionally with E-Ink display
LFM-RFID-Lesegerät E84 (LFM RFID Reader E84)

No. 6


Automatic identification on the tool including direct communication to the transport system

  • 4-fold RFID reader in LF frequency range
  • 4 x E84 interface for direct communication with transport systems
  • Optional connectors for barcode scanner and e-ink display per antenna port

No. 7

HERMOS LF, HF and UHF OEM RFID Readers for fabs

RFID reader for installations with multiple load ports:

  • 4-fold RFID reader in the LF frequency range
  • Saves costs when retrofitting existing systems
  • Optionally with I/Os

No. 8

HERMOS LF, HF and UHF RFID Loadport Readers

RFID reader for identification of cassettes, boxes and FOUPs at load ports:

  • HERMOS Load Port Reader as complete kit incl. cable sets, antenna and mounting plate
  • Different protocols and mounting plates allow easy replacement of other RFID suppliers
  • Different variants and compositions available

No. 9

HERMOS RFID logistics solutions

  • RFID tracking of goods between multiple factories
  • batterieless sensor options (temperature, humidity, shock, sealing)
  • worldwide tracking and sensing of semiconductor shipments

No. 10


ID of cassette/box/FOUP and visualization of process and product information on digital E-Ink display without own power supply (passive)

  • E-Ink display completely battery-free
  • Different sizes available
  • Integrated RFID transponder (passive)
  • Identification and data communication with the display (update) passively via RFID
  • Maintenance free
  • Customized solutions available on request

Your Solution Provider for
RFID & Energy Data Management
in Semiconductor Fabs

Your Solution Provider
for RFID & Energy Data Management in
Semiconductor Fabs

  • Customized RFID solutions for the semiconductor factory
  • Energy data management and reporting
  • Modular & scalable frameworks

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HERMOS references in the field of RFID

Here you can find a part of our successfully processed customer projects. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers with our products and services in the form of customized solutions in the long term. Take advantage of this performance, the innovative spirit as well as the know-how of HERMOS.

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RFID in the semiconductor industry using the example of a 200mm wafer fab with RFID

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RFID Kanban Shelf

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