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FIS – vendor-independent integration of technical plants for industry, buildings, energy and environment.

FIS is the manufacturer-independent platform for the integration of technical systems across the entire spectrum of automation. It enables combined use as a management and operating level for buildings and properties, for monitoring, controlling and analyzing their manufacturing and production facilities, and as a certified energy data management system.

FIS serves as an information and data hub across the complete automation and knowledge pyramid, is intelligently networked, flexible, modular and creates transparency in all areas of application.

FIS is the management and operating level for the complete automation world

Our goal: to make every piece of information available at every point.

FIS, in its industry-specific application areas, is based on a powerful software framework, the FIS Framework. FIS overcomes the previous boundaries between the different trades and industries by creating efficient connections between them. The framework provides the basic functions, including communication, reporting, alarming and archiving, while the application-specific modules integrate the special functions of the respective use cases.


Successfully managing buildings and properties with FIS

In the building sector, FIS brings together the building services of a wide range of manufacturers on a single platform with a uniform look and feel across all properties. In addition to the integration of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), access control, video surveillance, intrusion and fire alarm systems, conveyor technology and entertainment systems are also brought together in a uniform manner. A digital building is being created.

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Energy & Environment

Management and reporting for a green future

From municipal drinking water treatment such as water softening with the CARIX process, clarification, storm water overflow basins or ultrafiltration plants to the control and monitoring of municipal swimming pools, thermal spas, complex energy centers, biomass power plants or even geothermal plants – FIS meets the demanding requirements for these areas of application.

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Seamless integration of machine and plant processes with FIS

In industrial use, FIS acts as an MES and SCADA system with connection to ERP systems. The acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of machine, production and order data ensures transparency in production.

Efficient energy data management with FIS Energy

Energy data collection, analysis and optimization help to efficiently evaluate your energy consumption. Capture decarbonization and ESG metrics today, thanks to FIS Energy.

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Here you can find a part of our successfully processed customer projects. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers with our products and services in the form of tailor-made solutions in the long term. Take advantage of this efficiency, the innovative spirit as well as the know-how of HERMOS.

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