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HERMOS Item Tracking Solution.

HERMOS Track&Trace applications overcome the lack of physical linkage by marking (printer or RFID) and reading (camera or RFID reader) the manufactured products directly at the production line or within the factory logistics chain. The ERP/MES level or any other target database is supplied with physically aggregated data via our system solution. Through true physical mapping, tracking of production data is elevated from a purely quantitative level to a qualitative level. This enables the basis of product integrity in the first place.

HITS Line System

The Serialization and Aggregation Software for Level 1 to Level 3 Solutions


The HITS LS can run in combination with the HITS EC as an integrated T&T MES, or stand-alone per production line.

However, the flexible configuration also allows to combine several production lines or packaging lines. A local distribution of the production process, of the individual packaging hierarchies, over long distances or different production halls, is also easily covered. The HITS tracking service can run on distributed devices and the open HITS web UI connects wherever you want.

100% generic, suitable for any line topology

Configure your lines, no programming required

Client views freely configurable

Graphical configuration

  • See what you want, where you want
    (on the line, in the office, somewhere in the factory)
  • Server/client architecture
  • Separate structure between frontend and tracking logic (tracking logic runs as a service)
  • Open user management
    (in your domain/group policies or directly in the system)
  • Runs on all devices, including tablet or smartphone

Dashboard Views

Alarms, messages can be prioritized

Message escalation (e.g. via e-mail)

Counters, statistics, key figures



Data validation/verification via mobile app

Light and dark views (switchable)


Tracking efficiency

  • Seamless traceability of the entire production and logistics chain
  • Transparent design of manufacturing processes
  • Tracking efficiency of up to 100%
  • Digital networking through reading and marking
  • Optimization of process steps within the production chain

HITS Enterprise Centre

The HITS Enterprise Centre combines all line-related data into a complete digital system. HITS EC is the first T&T MES system on the market.

  • License Management
  • Patch and upgrade management
  • Version management
  • OEE
  • Maintenance management
  • Tracking equipment asset management
  • Real-time efficiency
  • Data Analysis/Diagnostics
  • Hardware and communication monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alerting/escalation
  • Trend
  • Backup Management
  • Dashboard Views
  • KPI Engine
  • Integrates with existing Level 1/Level 2 systems from other vendors

HERMOS Operation and Maintenance Centre

The HERMOS Operation and Maintenance Centre is a cloud-based platform for transparent design of support and maintenance services.

  • Distribute licenses/license management
  • Distribute patches or upgrades/upgrade management
  • Digital platform for maintenance
  • Digital platform for support processes/ticket system
  • Digital communication with the operational HITS framework
  • Optimization of support efficiency
  • Reduction of potential machine downtime
Logo HERMOS OMC in a cloud

The HERMOS OMC is the integration of your Track&Trace “on-site” systems into the digital world of T&T 4.0

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Optimize your process

HERMOS offers with its Track&Trace applications an efficient and reliable solution for the creation of real product integrity and highest production safety. Due to the close cooperation with well-known manufacturers of marking and reading devices, plant manufacturers, system integrators and HERMOS’ own development, the customer receives a tracking solution adapted to his needs from a single source.

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HERMOS references in the field of Track&Trace.

More than 1000 implemented solutions on different production and packaging lines. Due to the fact that our customers serve very exposed product names and industries, they do not want to be named here. We respect that. Please contact us if you have any questions about our solutions.

You too can experience our performance, innovative spirit as well as the know-how of HERMOS.