Our values

Our values

Basic principles

Over the years, values have crystallized for our company, which accompany us to this day. For employees of HERMOS these are a matter of course, for future employees a goal.

High standards guide our behavior

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High-quality and innovative products and solutions, the promotion of safety, health and development of our employees, together with our mission statement, are cornerstones of HERMOS’ social and corporate commitment. These principles apply to our management and every single employee of our companies.


Each individual employee – especially managers – is called upon to comply fully and permanently with the requirements of the Code of Conduct in all processes, decisions and day-to-day activities. This also applies to the more extensive compliance requirements and applicable policies and standards. This obligation applies equally to the entire HERMOS Group.

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Familiar & professional

HERMOS is one big family that cares as much about the well-being of its employees as it does about that of its business partners. We know that every success is a success of the whole team. We enjoy challenges, because together we are unbeatable.

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Grounding creates trust

We know our roots and are proud of them. Mutual trust is the basis of our cooperation, which is why we talk to each other and not about each other. We are spirited and always open to new things.

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Everyone is a role model

We treat everyone inside and outside the company with respect and fairness. At HERMOS, personal initiative is valued and encouraged. We support each other and everyone is a contact person for both questions and new ideas.