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Modular Application Technologies by Rapid Information Xchange

MATRIX is a modular, scalable application framework for the full range of industrial automation. The individual modules are based on the Microsoft SQL Server database and a high-performance standardized communication system. On this solid basis, even complex distributed production processes can be managed easily and efficiently.

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  • Event Management
  • Trending
  • Recipe Management
  • Batch Management
  • Material Tracking
  • Security
  • Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Visualization
  • Diagnosis
  • Support server
  • DB Door
  • Scripting module
  • Configuration
  • PLC communication
  • XML communication
  • Device integration
  • + Individual services
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  • Application frame
  • Event Viewer
  • Event editor
  • Event statistics
  • Trend-Viewer
  • Recipe Editor
  • Batch Management
  • Material tracking
  • Process Data Viewer
  • Report Viewer
  • SPC Viewer
  • Visualization
  • System Monitor
  • User Administration
  • Configuration Editor
  • + Individual applications

MATRIX modular

  • User interface modules have a standardized interface to the matrix framework
  • Entire application designed as a .Net web application
  • Can be started and executed from any computer in the network without installation
  • Integrate conventional SCADA systems into the framework application on client computers

The MATRX offers these advantages

Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency

The use of a system infrastructure during application creation results in lower system acquisition costs. The extensive independence from other software products ensures a long life cycle of the MATRIX system.



MATRIX ensures simple, robust and fast handling. Due to efficient use of resources, MATRIX can also be used for very large quantity frameworks.

Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability & Flexibility

The problem-oriented architecture ensures simple realization of complex, distributed applications. As a result of the modular structure, MATRIX can be flexibly extended.

The overall application is made available in the network depending on the user or usage. The individual components of the user interface can be arranged as desired. Views can be hidden, attached to others, split and superimposed, so that the workstation is always tidy and clearly arranged and the visualization elements most important to the user are in focus.

The functions of the MATRIX system can be expanded at any time. With the help of the far-reaching infrastructure, individual services and applications tailored to the requirements of the respective application can be created.



Due to its openness, MATRIX ensures easy access to the data stored in the system. All data existing in the MATRIX system can be exported to MS Excel and thus made available to external applications for further processing.

The data available in MATRIX is made available to ERP systems (e.g. SAP or DynamicsNAV). The external applications then use the data and information for cost allocations and settlements, in production planning and control, ordering, maintenance, strategic corporate planning, etc.



The independence of MATRIX from software systems of other manufacturers ensures a long operating time of the system. Forced version changes due to operating system updates or limits in the feasibility of requirements caused by the software system do not exist.

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MXIPCServer, a message-oriented communication system based on publish/subscribe technology. This communication system enables a uniform data exchange between all parts of the application in a simple and efficient way. Depending on the requirements, the structure can be set up either centrally or decentrally.

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User interfaces

Thanks to a modular and uniform application architecture and the use of smart client technology, user interfaces (user interfaces) that have been created once can be used throughout the entire network.

The basic services of the MATRIX system require only the most elementary operating system functionalities and thus ensure a long operating time of the system, independent of updates and version changes of the operating system.

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