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Building Automation & Building Management

Only flexible and generic system solutions are able to realize the dynamics of the use of buildings and properties. Digitalization in building technology is advancing enormously and can far exceed the number of data points of large industrial projects.

HERMOS provides system solutions of any complexity for building automation and building control systems, not only for new construction projects, but especially for existing building extensions or conversions and retrofits. Especially here it is important to have a non-proprietary system solution with integrated and open interfaces, such as FIS.

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Building automation

HERMOS supplies everything from a single source: from factory and assembly planning, sensors and actuators from renowned manufacturers, automation station to the management and operating level FIS (BMS) from HERMOS. A special focus is on automation solutions of building services central systems for heating, cooling and ventilation as well as the conditioning of the room climate. The manufacturer-neutral integration of building services trades and secondary systems such as fire and burglar alarm systems, elevators or media technology are special features of our service portfolio.

HERMOS offers economic and flexible total solutions for every size to enable the value retention of a property and to achieve higher economic efficiency. This applies to small and large office buildings as well as to large railroad stations, hotels, schools, universities and even airports.

Further functions of our building automation and building control system

Special areas of application

View into a long round tunnel with train tracks and lighting on the walls

Tunnel safety lighting

At more than 700 small railroad stations and stops throughout Germany, lighting is monitored and controlled for function using equipment from HERMOS. Other equipment such as showcases and advertising boards are switched depending on brightness. Via gateways to the conveyor technology (elevators and escalators) and to the safety lighting, the system solution records and reports relevant malfunctions and statistical values. The system also processes fault messages, e.g. from overvoltage monitors, lifting systems and blown fuses. The systems are delivered completely ready for connection and are connected to the TDS, the 3S alarm station and the redundancy system.

In a machine with a black turntable are sample tubes with a yellow liquid

Laboratory automation

Whether chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical or food technology laboratories, the quality and accuracy of the control functions are particularly important. Our solutions realize the conditioning of ambient conditions (e.g. air quality, temperature, humidity) and the exact control of access and exit gates. precise control of the access and exit airlocks.

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%.

With the building control solutions from HERMOS, the customer has a flexible and economically efficient solution for creating optimal living and working conditions. Sophisticated operating concepts allow high individuality and comfort, not only in room operation. The flexible room design options allow quick and cost-effective adaptation to changing conditions of use. The use of HERMOS room automation concepts can reduce the energy demand in non-residential buildings by up to 40 percent.

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FIS Energy

Because energy data management leads to energy efficiency and security of supply

HERMOS references in the field of buildings

Here you can find a part of our successfully processed customer projects. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers with our products and services in the form of tailor-made solutions in the long term. Take advantage of this efficiency, the innovative spirit as well as the know-how of HERMOS.

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