Board of Directors and Management

To be – and remain – successful, a large team of strong employees needs good organization. Our management and board members work in various areas to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

“We are proud of the steady growth, the family atmosphere and the good cooperation in our company. It’s always fun to bring projects to success together.”

Harald Köhler



With HERMOS since 2000

“As a member of the Management Board, my daily task is to develop the company and position it for a secure future. My goal will always be to place innovation, growth and investment on a stable foundation. But also to move each employee and colleague, as well as the company, a little bit forward every day. The success of our company as a leading technology provider in so many different industries does not come from the company name alone, but from the cooperation and commitment of all employees. Our customers are our partners our employees our potential. Let’s shape the future together.”

Florian Schwarz



With HERMOS since 2020

“As CTO in a technology company in automation technology, my goal is equal to our core competence “Shaping the future together”. HERMOS AG with your diversification in the business areas of product tracking, RFID and digitization and automation solutions in different business fields offers an enormous future potential. In particular, I see the expansion of digitalization and automation technology in decarbonization as the major goal for our company. Together with our employees, we stand for a green future. I am proud to be able to successfully lead HERMOS AG into this future together with my colleagues.”

Frank Wiche



With HERMOS since 2021

“I seized my unique opportunity to become CFO of HERMOS AG in 2020. I have many visions of how we can further expand the company and position it to be crisis-proof. My first goal is to fully achieve the Industry 4.0 standard in our administration. In addition, I would like to further promote the high level of professionalism and Franconian cordiality in the company. To our customers, I like to say: whatever you need, together we’ll develop a solution.”

Uwe Herrmannsdörfer

Managing Director

HERMOS Schaltanlagen GmbH

With HERMOS since 1983

“Since my apprenticeship in 1983 with my big brother, Dieter Herrmannsdörfer, I have been a part of the HERMOS family and I am proud that I have been able to take care of solutions for our customers and together with our employees as the management of HERMOS Schaltanlagen GmbH since 1995 (approx. 25 employees). It is important to me personally to continue to provide a secure workplace at our manufacturing sites in the future. We will continue shaping the future together!”

Michael Hohlweg

Managing Director

HERMOS Schaltanlagen GmbH

With HERMOS since 1994

“After my current managing director colleague Uwe Herrmannsdörfer had convinced me of HERMOS in 1994, I was allowed to go through almost all areas at HERMOS Schaltanlagen GmbH myself and thus gain many insights. For my daily tasks as managing director and my visions for the future this is a very big advantage. I would like to offer all employees a permanently secure job where it is fun to work. At the same time, I want to push ahead with process optimization in switchgear construction, on the one hand to simplify work for employees and, on the other hand, to continue to make the company fit for the future.”