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The RFID reader LFP is a handheld reader for 134.2 kHz TIRIS transponders according to ISO Standard 18000-2 with USB interface. The device can operate in the two modes “Keyboard emulation” and “Emulated RS232 interface”. A read operation is triggered by pressing a button and confirmed by an LED and a signal tone if identification is successful. Depending on the selected operating mode, the read data is either output directly in an active input field (as with a keyboard input) or sent via an emulated RS232 interface (virtual COM port) in a defined ASCII protocol.

Ergonomic case
Easy to use due to ergonomic grip area, for both right and left handed users.

Membrane keypad
Easy operation through direct selection keys and LED displays in reading mode and menu navigation.

Simple process integration
Easy integration of the RFID solution into existing processes by using a HID interface (input like keyboard).

Flexible communication with standard ASCII protocol
Flexible rapid integration of the RFID solution into existing processes through communication using a simple predefined ASCII protocol via a virtual COM port. In this mode also writing (programming) of transponders is possible.

Integrated antenna
The reader is equipped with an integrated antenna.

Customer specific adaptations
Customer specific functionalities can be implemented optionally. Adaptation to customer specific communication protocols is possible.

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Item numberInterfacesProtokolLength
HRF.R.LFP.0I.YU.10.12SUSBKeyboard + ASCII1.2 / 3.0m spiral cable
HRF.R.LFP.0I.YR.10.12SRS232 ( USB Voltage)Keyboard + ASCII1.2 / 3.0m spiral cable
  • Technology

    RFID-LF frequency 134.2 kHz (ISO 18000-2; LF TIRIS transponder)

  • Komponenten

    • case for ergonomic one-hand operation
    • Integrated membrane keypad with LEDs
    • integrated configurable buzzer
    • USB connection cable in variable lengths up to 4.0 m
    • Operating modes keyboard emulation and emulated RS232 interface combined in one device
  • Features

    • Typical reading range of an LF TIRIS 32 mm glass transponder approx. 90 mm
    • User-friendliness due to easy handling
    • Easy integration into existing processes
    • In the operating mode keyboard emulation flexible parameterization by simple menu navigation
    • In emulated RS232 operating mode, flexible parameterization via defined messages
    • Software update possible in operating mode emulated RS232 interface
  • Functions

    • Mobile LF reader with medium reading range
    • Operating modes: keyboard emulation or emulated RS232 interface
    • Easy switching between operating modes via key combination
    • In the operating mode keyboard emulation installation-free
  • Commissioning (Plug & Play)

    • In the ASCII protocol operating mode an RS232 interface is emulated (one-time driver installation required), here reading and writing of data and locking (locking) of pages is possible
    • Operation by pressing a button
    • Read button for index finger (bottom) or thumb (top)
    • Optical display and adjustable acoustic feedback
  • LFP Handheld (Datasheet)

    LFP Handheld (Datasheet)




ConnectionUSB variable cable length up to 3m
Transmission frequency134.2 kHz , ISO 18000-2, TIRIS
Dimensions185 x 90 x 60 mm
Weight450 g
Case materialABS
Protection classIP40
Operating temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
Permissible humidityat 50 °C 25% to 80%
Power consumption80 mA / 300 mA (passiev/aktive)
Voltage5 V (+/-5%)
ConformityFCC, RoHS, REACH