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For more than 65 years, Werner Lieb GmbH has ensured the production success of its customers with technical expertise, the highest implementation quality and reliable service. The company develops and builds components and special machines for the semiconductor, high-performance electronics and automotive industries as well as for the life science sector. In the semiconductor industry division, the company develops and manufactures components such as wafer handling systems as well as entire plants.

One or more Load Ports must be integrated on each of these systems so that the wafers can enter the system from the transport boxes (e.g. open Cassette, SMIF, FOUP, FOSBY) under clean room conditions and in accordance with SEMI standards. Lieb has newly developed Load Ports for this application. HERMOS RFID made it possible to integrate RFID functionality at the load ports in accordance with the standardization of the semiconductor industry.

HERMOS RFID-LFM-Loadport-Leseger├Ąt (LFM load port reader)

Customer benefits

  • RFID write-read system according to SEMI standards
  • easy integration and mounting
  • reliable and future-proof hardware
  • strong and established partner in the semiconductor industry
  • own development and production available at HERMOS

Technical information

Reader: LFM Load Port Reader
Frequency: 134.2 kHz
Interface: RS232 or Ethernet
Protocol: ASCII or SECS/HSMS

Business Segment/s

  • RFID