RFID Shelf (HF) for Semiconductor Factories


Discover the groundbreaking RFID racking solution from HERMOS, specifically designed for use in the semiconductor industry for temporary storage of your production orders in WIP racks with up to 40 slots per rack. Our tailor-made solution allows the integration of RFID functionality into lattice racks and offers an efficient way to retrofit existing racking systems. Optionally, we also offer the delivery of complete systems. As radio frequency we use the HF range 13,56 MHz.

Our RFID technology is applicable to different shelf types and sizes and ensures a smooth integration into your existing workflow. By mounting the antenna heads directly on the shelf and connecting them to a central reader unit, reliable detection of your semiconductor products is ensured. In contrast to solutions from other manufacturers, HERMOS offers the possibility to customize the solution and thus deliver an optimal solution for the customer.

The precise detection of the occupancy of a shelf space is done with the help of an integrated sensor, which automatically triggers an identification via RFID. For better clarity and precise location of production orders and batches, we offer a multicolor LED integrated directly into the antenna, as well as an optional e-ink display at each shelf location that visualizes the contents and any other information.

For smooth data transmission and processing, an Ethernet interface is available to the user. This provides a reliable and secure connection to existing network structures, enabling seamless integration of the RFID shelf into your automated manufacturing environment. The shelf can also be supplied with power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) via this interface. Both ASCII and SECS/HSMS are available as software protocols.

In addition, our innovative technology enables visualization of the rack status and any stock changes via an optional panel PC. This ensures real-time monitoring and facilitates decision-making in your workflow.

Touch panel PC (optional)
Status information, rack occupancy and other details can be displayed directly on the touch panel PC or transferred to the host.

Flexible configuration
The system is suitable for existing lattice racks and other rack types. It can be expanded modularly at any time. The number of rack locations and levels is flexible.

Ethernet and USB interface
Easy and uncomplicated integration due to the Ethernet interface

Process integration
Easy integration due to the support of the SEMI Equipment Communication Standard (SECS/HSMS).

Automatic data acquisition
Automatic reading and data forwarding provides continuous inventory control.

Event-controlled processes
ensure long component life.

E-Ink Displays
Detailed information can be displayed directly on an e-ink display

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Available variants and offers on demand
As standard, our HFM WIP racks are designed for 16, 32 and 40 rack spaces. Other variants and customer-specific configurations are available on request.

Optimize your workflows with RFID!

  • Automatic inventory recording
  • Capture of production processes
  • Optimization of material stocks and thus storage areas
  • Technology

    RFID HF Frequency 13.56 MHz (ISO 15693)

  • Components

    • Central reading unit, up to 32x
    • Special antenna heads, max. 32 pieces
    • Integrated antenna sensor and LED
    • E-Ink display (optional)
  • Functions

    • Detection of shelf occupancy by optical sensor
    • Automatic reading function and data transfer
    • Visualization by multicolor LEDs at the shelf location
    • Configurable test mode with optical display
    • Level detection can be implemented
  • Features

    • Easy RFID integration into existing shelves
    • independent of shelf type and size
    • LAN/WLAN interface
    • Supports SEMI Equipment Communication Standard (SECS)
  • HFM WIP Rack Reader - Customer Manual

    HFM WIP Rack Reader - Customer Manual



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  • HFM WIP Rack Reader - Application

    HFM WIP Rack Reader - Application



  • HFM WIP Rack Reader - Loader

    HFM WIP Rack Reader - Loader



  • HFM WIP Rack Reader - WIP Rack Simulator

    HFM WIP Rack Reader - WIP Rack Simulator



  • HFM WIP-Regal (Datasheet)

    HFM WIP-Regal (Datasheet)




  • RFID Software - Protocol Tester

    RFID Software - Protocol Tester



    ProtocolTester Rev.

  • RFID Software - Device Discoverer

    RFID Software - Device Discoverer



    Device Discovery Utility Rev. revision date 07.May 2024

Protocols SECS, SECS1, HSMS, customer protocol
Antenna portDepending on variant
Transmission frequency13.56 MHz, ISO15693
Transmitting power 1.1 W
Case materialStainless steel/PP
Protection class IP 40
Display E-Ink Display
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature -25 °C to 70 °C
Permissible humidity at 50 °C 25% to 80%
Current consumption80 mA / 300 mA (passive/aktive)
Voltage 24 VDC and PoE
Conformity Ce, RoHS, REACH