The RFID LFM Kit from HERMOS is a comprehensive reader kit with cable set and other accessories specifically designed to provide your loadport with world-class RFID functionality. In the dynamic semiconductor industry, this kit proves to be indispensable, offering an impressive selection of components that are of the highest quality and guarantee exceptional reliability and robust fault resistance.

Our engineering expertise allows the RFID LFM kit to be adapted to a variety of loadport solutions. This versatility ensures seamless integration with various loadport models on the market. With this flexibility, you can be sure that RFID integration will run smoothly and achieve optimal results, no matter what your project needs.

This kit enables companies to respond agilely to changing requirements and technological advances without compromising performance or data security. By seamlessly integrating the kit into existing loadport infrastructures, you not only extend functionality, but also lay the foundation for future RFID applications and innovations.

The RFID LFM Kit is a groundbreaking solution that redefines the standards for RFID integration in the semiconductor industry. With an impressive selection of high-quality components, its exceptional adaptability and unmatched reliability, this kit is undoubtedly an invaluable investment for companies striving for outstanding RFID performance. With our latest reader variant, the multi-protocol LFM Loadport Reader, we enable our customers to integrate our hardware even more easily.

Antenna Port
Automatic detection of antenna break (defective antenna or feed line).

RS232 or Ethernet interface
Easy and uncomplicated integration due to RS232 or Ethernet interface. ASCII and SECS/HSMS are available as data protocols.

Polling mode adjustable
Automated reading processes simplify procedures and control efforts.

Automatic tuning
Flexible reading range, adjustable according to requirements. Optimal adaptation of antenna tuning to environmental conditions.

Configurable test mode
The reading range can be easily checked on site by the device. The result is displayed on a status LED.

Various configurations available
Available with customer-specific interfaces.

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Article numberInterfacesProtocolsAntennas Cable setFootprint/ Mounting Plate
HRF.K.LFM.LP.10A RS232ASCII/SECS Rod M LEMO 1.0mVoltage cable 1.0m RS232 1.0mBrooks LF80
HRF.K.LFM.LP.10BRS232ASCII/SECS Rod M SMA 1.0mVoltage cable 1.0m RS232 1.0mBrooks LF80
HRF.K.LFM.LP.10CRS232ASCII/SECS Rod M SMA 1.5mVoltage cable 0.8m RS232 (X) 1.2mOmron V640
HRF.K.LFM.LP.20A RS232ASCII/SECS Rod M LEMO 1.0mVoltage cable 1.0m RS232 1.0mBrooks ATR
HRF.K.LFM.LP.40B RS232ASCII/SECS Rod S SMA 1.0mVoltage cable 3.0m sensor plugBrooks ATR
HRF.K.LFM.LP.60A RS232Omron (1:1)Rod M LEMO 1,5m--
HRF.K.LFM.LP.60SEthernetOmron (1:1, 1:N)Rod M LEMO 1.5m-Omron V640
  • Technology

    LFM Reader (LF Midrange 134.2 kHz)

  • Komponenten

    • LFM LP Reader
    • LF rod antenna M
    • Power supply cable
    • RS232 cable
    • Optional mounting plate
  • Functions

    • Automatic antenna tuning
    • Configurable test mode with visual indication
    • Configurable polling mode
    • Automatic reading function
    • Automatic detection of antenna break
  • Features

    • Transponder identifiable according to ISO 18000-2
    • Applications also in metallic environment
    • Available with customized interfaces
  • Reader LFM KIT LP (Datasheet)

    Reader LFM KIT LP (Datasheet)



  • LFM LP Reader - Device Discoverer

    LFM LP Reader - Device Discoverer


    Rev. with post configuration

InterfaceRS232, Ethernet
Antenna port1
Transmission frequency134.2 kHz; ISO18000-2; TIRIS
Dimensions 110 x 82 x 34 mm (Reader)
Weight 250 g (Reader)
Case materialAluminum black/nature anodized (Reader)
Protection classIP40 (Reader)
Operating temperature0 °C to 50 °C (Reader)
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C (Reader)
Permissible humidityat 50°C 25% to 80% (Reader)
Current consumption 75 mA / 300 mA (passive/aktive) (Reader)
Voltage 20-28 V (reverse polarity protected) (Reader)
ConformityCE, FCC, KCC, NCC, Sirim, RoHS, REACH