LFM RFID Reader E84


The HERMOS LFM RFID reader E84 is a read/write device of the HERMOS LFM class with extended connection options for complete connection to automated overhead transport systems (OHT). The E84 LFM RFID reader is designed for load ports and has connectivity for four RFID read heads with antennas, sensors and LEDs. For communication with a transport system, the RFID reader offers four interfaces according to the SEMI standard E84. A barcode reader and an e-ink display can be connected to each port.

USB and Ethernet interface
Simple and straightforward integration due to USB and Ethernet interface. Potential savings by using PoE within the network infrastructure.

Enhanced Carrier Handoff (SEMI E84)
Easy expansion of transport systems with manual input and output stations.

Automatic tuning
Optimal adaptation of antenna tuning to environmental conditions enables use even in metallic environments.

Customer-specific adaptations
Customized transfer stations available for AMHS systems.

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Article numberInterfacesProtocolsAntennas I/Os
HRF.R.LFM.4S.SB.EB.10AEthernet, USB, 4xBC, 4xE84ASCII, SECSSMAwithout
HRF.R.LFM.4S.SB.EBC.10AEthernet, USB, BC, E84ASCII, SECSSMA4 inputs, 4 outputs
HRF.R.LFM.4S.SB.EBM.10AEthernet, USB, BC, E84ASCII, SECSSMA4 M8 4-pin for laser sensor
  • Technology

    LFM Reader 134.2 kHz

  • Components

    • USB and Ethernet data interface
    • 4 antenna ports with sensors and LEDs
    • 4 E84 (D-Sub25) and barcode interfaces (D-Sub9)
    • 4 display ports
  • Functions

    • Supports Enhanced Carrier Handoff according to SEMI E84
    • Automatic antenna tuning
    • Automatic read function
    • Status output on display
  • LFM Reader E84 (Datasheet)

    LFM Reader E84 (Datasheet)




  • RFID Software - Device Discoverer

    RFID Software - Device Discoverer



    Device Discovery Utility Rev. 28.February 2024

  • RFID Software - Protocol Tester

    RFID Software - Protocol Tester



    ProtocolTester Rev.

InterfaceEthernet, USB
ProtocolsASCII, HSMS
Antenna port4
Transmission frequency134.2 kHz; ISO18000-2; TIRIS
Dimensions 130 x 124 x 45 mm
weight500 g
Case materialAluminum black anodized
Protection classIP40
Operating temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C to 70 °C
Permissible humidityat 50°C 25% to 80%
Current consumption 75 mA / 300 mA (passive/aktive)
Voltage 20-28 V (reverse polarity protected)
ConformityCE, RoHS, REACH