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Why E-Planner Andreas Neulinger likes his job at the automation specialist

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Andreas Neulinger has been working for HERMOS in Schnaittenbach as an e-planner for three years now. And he intends to stay for a long time: The technology company is regarded throughout Germany as a leading provider of automation and IT solutions in the fields of buildings, industry, energy and the environment. E-planners can really let off steam here, says Andreas Neulinger.

Setting up something new

Before the experienced electrical designer started at HERMOS, he mainly created 08/15 circuit diagrams for one and the same industry. This changed at a stroke when the Weidener came to Schnaittenbach in 2020: “Here I have to deal with a wide variety of tasks from large-scale industry,” says Andreas Neulinger. Together with his colleagues, he sets up solutions that are new, individual and technically demanding – from test bench technology for the automotive industry to HVAC systems and I&C technology. In addition, the new challenges posed by the energy transition have to be mastered for customers.

The electrical designer found his last project particularly exciting: converting the control room of one of Germany’s largest dairies during ongoing operation. “It was tricky, and that’s exactly why it was such a sense of achievement when the system went into operation,” says Andreas Neulinger. The e-planner particularly appreciates the fact that he can count on his colleagues at all times during his work. He also appreciates the fact that decisions are made quickly in the young team and that the impulses he sets are often implemented directly: “I can make a lot of things happen here,” emphasizes the 30-year-old. “And I’m part of a high-performing team – that’s a great experience.” What’s more, he says, he can work here on the cutting edge of technology. Andreas Neulinger would be happy to have another electrical designer on the team: HERMOS in Schnaittenbach is on a growth course and the ideal opportunity to develop as an electrical designer.

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