UFS Compact Reader


The HERMOS UFS COMPACT READER is a read/write device for UHF transponders according to ISO 18000-6C. Due to its small design, the COMPACT Reader is ideally suited for direct operation at the reading point. It is equipped with an integrated antenna and can optionally be operated with 2 additional external antennas. Low installation and cabling effort is achieved by using Ethernet (PoE). The operating states are signaled by 3 integrated status LEDs. Optional 4 additional LEDs and a buzzer can be used by the user to visualize application states.

Compact case
Compact design allows direct mounting at the reading point.

Integrated antenna
The reader is already equipped with an integrated antenna (optionally up to 2 remote antennas).

Flexible configuration
Parameterization data and software updates can be carried out remotely.

Minimal cabling effort
Minimized cabling effort by using Ethernet (PoE) for power supply and as data interface.

Simple process integration
Easy integration of the RFID solution into existing processes.

Customer-specific adaptations
Customer-specific functionalities can be implemented optionally

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Article numberInterfaces Protocol IOs
HRF.R.UFS.0I.AV.CL.10AEthernet, PoEASCIIWithout sensor connection, 6x LEDs
HRF.R.UFS.2SI.AV.CPL.10AEthernet, PoEASCIISensor connection PNP 6x LED, 2x ext. antenna connection
  • Technology

    UHF Reader (ISO 18000-6C Class1 Gen2)

  • Components

    • Rugged plastic case
    • PoE Ethernet data interface
    • 3 status LEDs, optional 4 user LEDs and buzzer
    • Sensor input (PNP, 12 V, 150 mA)
    • Optional 2 ext. antenna connectors
  • Functions

    • Compact UHF reader with medium range
    • Status indication via LEDs and buzzer
    • External read and write function
    • Automatic reading function (polling)
    • Sensor triggered reading
    • Optical and acoustic display
  • Features

    • Low cabling effort due to Ethernet (PoE)
    • Typical reading range up to 50 cm
    • Easy integration into existing processes
    • Flexible parameterization and software updates via Ethernet
  • UFS Compact Reader (Datasheet)

    UFS Compact Reader (Datasheet)




  • RFID Software - Device Discoverer

    RFID Software - Device Discoverer



    Device Discovery Utility Rev. revision date 07.May 2024

  • RFID Software - Protocol Tester

    RFID Software - Protocol Tester



    ProtocolTester Rev.

InterfaceEthernet (PoE)
Protocols ASCII
Antennaintegrated, optional 2x external SMA
Transmission frequency 865–868 MHz (Europa) ISO 18000-6C (EPCglobal Class 1 Gen2)
Transmitting power 3-22 dBm (adjustable in 1 dB steps)
Dimensions 127 x 71 x 36 mm
Weight 200 g
Case materialABS, dark grey
Protection class IP20
Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Permissible humidity at 50 °C 25% to 80%
Power supply PoE (48VDC)
Current consumption PoE Class 1
Conformity CE, RoHS, REACH