HF frame antenna


The HF frame antenna is designed for use with the HFM RFID readers. Due to its robust design made of metal, the antenna is also suitable for applications in harsh (industrial) environments. Due to its halar coating it is very robust and shows only minimal particle emission. In order to offer the optimal solution for every application, the RFID frame antenna is available in different sizes and with various cable lengths (sizes not listed are available on request).

The two diagrams show the optimum alignment and position of the transponder to the antenna. The ranges depend on the ambient conditions and on the type and quality of the transponders used.

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Article numberCasePlug type Length
HRF.A.HFX.R1915.SU.xxFrame 190x150SMAxx = antenna cable in dm (10 = 1.0 m) available lengths: 1.0 1.8 2.0 3.0 3.6 m
HRF.A.HFX.R1915.LU.00Frame 190x150LEMO-
HRF.A.HFX.R1519.LU.00Frame 150x190LEMO-
HRF.A.HFX.R1713.LU.00Frame 170x130LEMO-
HRF.A.HFX.R1317.LU.00Frame 130x170LEMO-
HRF.A.HFX.R1820.LU.00Frame 180x200LEMO-
HRF.A.HFC.A1317.LU.00Frame Eight 130x170LEMO-
  • Technology

    RFID Antennas Frequency: 15.56 MH

  • Features

    • Convenient plug-in connections for immediate use (push-pull system)
    • Robust connectors for secure connections
    • Different types and cable lengths available
    • Typical reading range < 400 mm (depending on transponder type)
  • Cable type

    • RG 174/U black, 50 Ω, temperature range from -35 / +80°C
  • Connection options

    • LEMO or SMA standard connector
    • Customized connectors and cable lengths possible
  • Compatibility

    Compatible with HERMOS RFID readers (HF base)

  • HF Rahmen Antenne (Datasheet)

    HF Rahmen Antenne (Datasheet)




Design Frame antenna
Dimensions Depending on variant
Antenna connectionSMA/LEMO
Diameter antenna cable3 mm
Antenna material PC Maktolon
Coating Halar
Frequency 13.56 MHz, ISO15693
Cable sheathPVC
Cable length Depending on variant
Plug type Depending on variant
Protection class IP 30
Operating temperature 0 ° to 50 °C
Storage temperature -25 °C to 70 °
Permissible humidity at 50 °C 25% to 80%
Conformity RoHS, REACH