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The new, for you designed, 3rd generation of FIS is here!

FIS logo with icons industry, building and energy and environment

Our developers have worked hard to meet your wishes and the growing demands on the market.

In addition to a technology change for future security and many new functions on server level, the user interface has also been completely redesigned. In order to make your work easier in the future and to direct your focus on the essentials, FIS now offers a clearly structured interface based on HTML5, which meets all your requirements in terms of technology, security, flexibility, but also clarity and intuitive use.

FIS, in Generation 3, is the vendor-neutral platform for integrating technical systems across the entire spectrum of automation. It enables combined use as a management and operating level for buildings and properties, for monitoring, controlling and analyzing your manufacturing and production facilities, and as a certified energy data management system.

FIS serves as an information and data hub across the entire automation and knowledge pyramid, is intelligently networked, flexible and modular and creates transparency in all areas of application – FIS is the management and operating level for the complete automation world.

This little teaser is meant to bridge the time until availability, have fun with it.


Bild von FIS Trailer - Link zu YouTube Video

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