UHF display reader


The HERMOS UHF display reader is designed for use in the intelligent handling of processes and sequences. Feedback signals or instructions for the operating personnel can be visualized. The easy integration of this reader via Ethernet (PoE) allows a customer-oriented application. The integration of a user interface and the use of the SD card data memory make this reader universally applicable.

Touch Display
Direct configuration via the built-in touch display.

Customized UI
Optional integration of a customized user interface.

Micro SD card slot
Backup of important data for configuration as well as log data.

Password security
Password protected access to the display, depending on the application.

Flexible configuration
Communication via Ethernet. Parameterization data as well as software updates can be imported remotely or via the micro SD card.

Simple process integration
Easy integration of the RFID solution into existing processes.

Integrated antenna
The reader is already equipped with an integrated antenna, optionally with a remote antenna.

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Article numberInterfacesProtocolsIOs
HRF.R.UFS.0I.AV.1D.10BEthernet, PoEASCIIwithout
HRF.R.UFS.1I.AV.1D.10BEthernet, PoEASCIIWithout external antenna connection
  • Technology

    UHF Reader

  • Components

    • 3.5″ LCD display with touch
    • 6 status LEDs and one buzzer
    • PoE Ethernet data interface
    • protected micro SD card slot
    • Integrated antenna
  • Functions

    • Configuration directly on the device via touch screen
    • Status indication via LEDs, buzzer and display
    • Micro SD slot for backup of configuration & log data
    • Password-protected display access
  • Features

    • User-friendliness through simple handling
    • Problem-free integration into existing processes
    • Flexible parameterization and software updates via Ethernet or SD card
    • Configuration as stand-alone or system solution
    • Customer-specific user interface (GUI)
  • UHF Display Reader (Datasheet)

    UHF Display Reader (Datasheet)




  • RFID Software - Device Discoverer

    RFID Software - Device Discoverer



    Device Discovery Utility Rev. revision date 07.May 2024

  • RFID Software - Protocol Tester

    RFID Software - Protocol Tester



    ProtocolTester Rev.

Interface Ethernet (PoE)
Protocols ASCII
Antennaintegrated, optionally external
Transmission frequency 865–868 MHZ (Europe)
Transmitting power 200 mW
Dimensions120 x 120 x 42 mm
Weight 300 g
Case materialAluminum frame AIMgSi 0.5
Plastic cover ASA+PC-R black (RAL 9005)
Display3.5" TFT, integrated touch, QVGA TFT LCD
Pixel320x240 px
Protection class IP40
Mounting2 flange plates (aluminum)
Total hole spacing for mounting136 mm
Operating temperature -25 °C to 70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Permissible humidity at 50 °C 25% to 80%
ConformityCE, RoHS, REACH