UFC KANBAN roller conveyor reader


The Kanban flow-through rack solution is used for convenient monitoring of material stocks in flow-through warehouses and is based on innovative HERMOS RFID reader technology. The system checks every single storage and retrieval process with an integrated stop mechanism. This guarantees that only authorized material is fed and removals are automatically detected. Retrofitting RFID technology in existing Kanban roller conveyors is possible without any problems.

Automatic interlocking & cycle security
Identification of the supplied Kanban boxes at the interlock. Rejection of the material not belonging to the shelf. Automatic registration of material withdrawals. Detection and prevention of incorrect returns.

Separate laser measurement within each roller conveyor.
Use of different container models, pack sizes and shapes within the rack by simply adjusting the parameters.

Touch panel PC
Direct display of rack occupancy, status information and stored goods details on the panel PC.

Data consistency
Recording of all stored goods on the shelf in a database. Automatic recognition of all removed goods after a power failure.

Customized sizes
Fast and easy implementation of the HERMOS solution for retrofits, new builds or extensions, regardless of rack manufacturer and type. Flexible design of rack expansion by changing the parameterization specifications. Fast and uncomplicated configuration of individual rack lanes.

Simple process integration via Ethernet / FIS#ApplicationServer.
Integration of the RFID solution into the customer network via Ethernet and individual connection to the existing ERP system. Updates and parameter changes can be entered via remote maintenance. Further advantages bring the optional use of the FIS#ApplicationServer (HERMOS-own software for the
manufacturer-independent connection of technical systems).

  • Technology

    RFID UHF (IOS 18000-6c EPC Class 1 Gen2)

  • Components

    • RFID reading unit with integrated barrier and laser measurement at the roller conveyor entrance
    • Panel PC for visualization at the shelf
    • Cabling between panel PC and reader unit by PoE
    • Signal tower module can be implemented
  • Prerequisite

    • Ethernet connection and 230V voltage supply
  • Functions

    • Applicable to raw materials, auxiliary and operating materials, packaging materials
    • Permanent visualization of the shelf status Consolidation of information from all roller conveyors
    • Use of data for consumption data determination and automatic ordering
    • Value added booking of the production areas
  • Features

    • Integration into existing processes
    • Independent of shelf size and type
    • Individually adaptable and expandable
  • UFC Kanban Rollbahn Reader (Datasheet)

    UFC Kanban Rollbahn Reader (Datasheet)




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