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Shaping the energy transition with HERMOS

HERMOS AG makes an important contribution to sustainability with numerous projects

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All forces are needed to master the energy transition. And there are many ways to make buildings and production facilities more sustainable. With FIS Energy, HERMOS is making an important contribution to optimizing the energy efficiency of existing plants, saving energy and thus protecting the environment. The company is also active in the field of e-mobility, as shown by a current project of the Upper Palatinate branch.

FIS energy is an energy data management tool that compiles consumption values and offers the possibility of energetically optimal control,” says Andreas Marx, responsible for the product at HERMOS. It is effectively an extension of the FIS product from HERMOS, which is a building management system that controls all systems – from heating and air conditioning units to locking systems. “We have extended this system to include the energy aspect,” explains Andreas Marx, because this is the only way to achieve sustainability in building management and production plants. Energy-relevant systems are recorded, analyzed, controlled and thus optimized.

FIS energy is not a standard product. It is customized for each customer, because every building and every structure is different. “The decisive factor for savings is that you first of all know the consumption and have an overview,” explains Andreas Marx. Only then does it make sense to intervene in the control system to achieve savings, he adds. “As part of the data analysis, not only the building’s own data flows in, but also weather data or key figures from production.” In this way, the environmental idea can be lived even more comprehensively in terms of qualified savings, he said.

E-charging infrastructure in Munich

HERMOS is also involved in individual, smaller projects for the energy transition. For example, for the past two years a team of three has been busy installing wallboxes in underground garages in the state capital. The client is Stadtwerke München. “Our task starts at the transfer points and includes the busbars, the cabling and the installation of the charging columns on site,” reports installation manager Maximilian Willig, who coordinates the work from the HERMOS site in Schnaittenbach. This is quite demanding, he says, because the work has to be coordinated not only with the municipal utilities, but also with the property managers and the vehicle owners in the underground parking garage. “We have to work very cleanly and customer-oriented in the process,” Maximilian Willig is proud of his team on site. The trained electrician coordinates many other projects in which HERMOS contributes to the energy turnaround, for example by installing measurement, control and regulation technology at well-known companies. Thus, the company is at the forefront of sustainability and combines years of experience with technical innovation.

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