Combined heat and power plant

A power plant that generates electricity, with the waste heat also being used. The principle of cogeneration provides decentralized electrical energy and heat. The CHP can be operated with electricity. This is profitable if renewable raw materials are used (increased subsidies) and load peaks in the power grid are compensated. In most cases, the CHP is operated heat-led. This means that 100% of the heat produced is used and it only runs when heat is needed. To ensure economical operation, the number of operating hours should not fall below 5,000 per year. This requires a uniform heat demand over the whole year, e.g. in case of a high share of hot water demand (multi-family houses, hotels, hospitals). For certain properties, the CHP covers only the base load. The required peak load in winter must be covered by an alternative heating system, e.g. a condensing boiler.