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HERMOS successively replaces the existing control systems on the campus and integrates existing systems into FIS via BACnet and Profinet. New buildings are connected in the same way. Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems of the university buildings as well as exterior and interior lighting are integrated. The use of a standardized plant identification key is the basis for a uniform creation and presentation of the plant images. By means of the coupling of the room booking system HIS LSF to FIS, lecture halls and seminar rooms are conditioned according to demand. The operation and monitoring of the building services equipment takes place in the university’s central control room. High-priority messages are forwarded directly to the external on-call service via a defined interface.

Customer benefits

By introducing the standardized, manufacturer-neutral FIS MBE, the Universität Bayreuth creates a uniform and intuitive operator guidance. The standard protocols BACnet and Profinet ensure the greatest possible competition at the automation level and future security with regard to the integration of equivalent products from different manufacturers. FIS enables the university to manage its systems conveniently while at the same time being economical with regard to the operation of its TGA.

Technical information

Bus Systems: Modbus, S7, BACnet
Manufacturer PLC and number: Siemens (31x), K&P (25x), MBS (10x), Sauter (1x), SAIA (15x), Schneider (425x), Beckhoff (11x), Frimat (2x), WAGO (20x)
physical data points: BACnet (7514x), Modbus (4627x), S7 (11694x)
virtual data points: BACnet (16286x)

Features & Highlights

Monitoring of exterior/interior lighting as well as exterior doors, universal AKZ key (manufacturer-independent), room booking system HIS LSF, fault message forwarding system.

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