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Bolt Threads is a material solutions company. Inspired by nature, they develop innovative materials for the fashion and beauty industries for a more sustainable future.

For billions of years, mycelium has grown beneath our feet, serving as the ecological connective tissue for all life on Earth. As an expanding, infinitely renewable, interwoven web, it permeates the soil, breaking down organic material and providing nutrients to plants and trees.

To produce Mylo, a process was developed to grow mycelium in a vertical cultivation facility powered by 100% renewable energy and transform it into a material that looks and feels like animal leather. Soft, supple and less harmful to the environment.

For the first industrial production plant in Europe, HERMOS is supplying the higher-level ICA technology. From the field devices, the switchgear, the process control to the process control system.

Herstellungsprozess von MYLO
Aufbau System MYLO
Verschiedene Komponenten der Herstellung von MYLO

Customer benefits

  • Higher-level operation and control of all process engineering units
  • Flexible order and recipe control
  • Central alarm management
  • Historical and real-time trend evaluations
  • Flexible support of process engineering optimizations
  • Key figure evaluation

Technical information

Bus systems: Beckhoff CX control system with ProfiNet communication
Manufacturer PLC and number: HERMOS MATRIX control system, 3 higher-level control systems, 10 lower-level control systems.
Physical data points: approx. 1000
Virtual data points: approx. 2000

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